Berea College Pork


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Berea College Pork team members are Marlen Ciccarelli, Jennifer King, Jessica Nicely, Clay Contini, and Steve Hammond, under the guidance of Dr. Pete Lammers, (Associate Professor of Ag. And Natural Resources Department) and Bob Harned (Berea College Farms Manager)

The Pork Team manages every aspect of pork production from breeding all the way to producing finished hogs for purchase off the farm or at our local farmers market. We operate a 20 sow farrow-to-finish enterprise with pigs housed both indoors and on pasture, though the transition to a solely pasture-based system should be completed within 2010.

The Pig Team works closely with the Mill Team and Crops Team in order to establish the best possible diets for our hogs, including mixed rations of soybean meal, corn meal, and vegetative vitamins and minerals ground in our mill, and forages planted in our pastures.

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